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Welcome to Inner Mind Theater! We're a small cosplay group based in the Midwest United States that's been together since 2008. We like to emphasize the most important aspect of cosplay: that it's for fun!

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Anonymous: Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I've noticed that a few of your costumes involve capes and I'm in the process of making one of my first cosplays, Stephanie Browns as Robin. Can you recommend what material I should use and any patterns or other tips that you can suggest would be much appreciated too. I love all of your cosplays and you are all cosplay inspirations to me. Many thanks =) x

… Just so everyone knows.
I hate dealing with a lot of fabric in one use piece.  But when sewing something that large… Pinning pin pin pin pin.  and something without much stretch for fabric.  Stretch fabric is wonderful at times… but also can screw you over with bunching and stuff. 


Anonymous: Are any of you attending Otakon this year?

brenda is! courtney is a maybe?

Anonymous: Hey! Anyone coming back to Anime North in good ol'Canada this year :)? Just asking because I know Courtney and Brenda came last year!

I believe Brenda is planning on returning, sadly I cannot- SILLY TRAVEL COSTS.


Anonymous: Are any of you guys going to Anime Conji or Kingdom Con this year?

seeing as i’ve never even heard of those, i think i can pretty safely say we aren’t, sorry!

- Brenda

Anonymous: Can you please do more young justice cosplay and how did u all become friends. Also can you post a video of what you do in your spare time.

Well, I’m wearing Artemis for a most likely final time at Wondercon this year!  We all met on a convention forum for Kingdom Hearts… Nina and I went to school together though so we’ve known each other for over a decade.  … dude that’s weird to think about.   

- Courtoon

Anonymous: Do any of you gals take commissions? :o

No we don’t! Sorry! 

- Courtoon

kellchanuniverse: hey im a big fan of your group and i was wondering how did u guys first get into the cosplay thing? cuz on the videos it seems like a business thing or a job, i love cosplay and i would like to know :)

Oh it’s….definitely not like a job or a business? (It CAN be a lot of work though, AAHAH)  The FAQ covers a lot of these questions, but mostly we just did it because we’re nerds and it looked like fun?

- Solo

Ha! Not even at all, all of our “professions” are much different then cosplay.  We just do those videos for fun when we are together.  It’s another creative outlet for us!! We all met through Kingdom Hearts Forums years and years ago-  and started to cosplay just cause we loved characters and wanted to be them!

- Courtoon 

darlingyoullbeoki: Is anyone attending Anime Boston this year?

I think I can safety answer no on that one! :(

Anonymous: Will any of you be attending Anime Expo 2014? If yes; I apologize in advance if some strange person screams at you and then passes out! ^-*

p sure just courtney is so far

If I’m in California by that point for internship stuff then I’ll try to make it too! But nothing is set in stone.

We always announce when we attend cons, so if you haven’t seen us mention it, we aren’t likely going to be there.

- Sirene

in case you guys were wondering what our secret cos for katsucon was. it was attack on bathrobes. shingeki no bathtub. sanitation’s only hope.

christa is rinachur, eren is berndor and levi is solograyson